Learn to Lead    -   Traditional Climbs

Level: Intermediate +                                  Instructional Climbing Course

Locations: Revelstoke / Skaha / Squamish

2 - Days

Are you already lead climbing but interested in expanding your skills (& fun) by learning to climb, protect and lead traditionally protected routes?  This is the perfect course for you.

Learning to lead traditionally protected climbing routes will transform your climbing.  At the heart of this skill, is learning how to place and evaluate solid gear.  We will also explore climbing movement skills and route finding to help you take that next step towards your trad-climbing adventures.  


Perhaps you will continue to explore single-pitch classics in Western Canada, or have your sights set on towering multi-pitch routes in Squamish, the Bugaboos, Yosemite or Zion.  This course will help establish strong foundationl skills.  

Rates & Details:

Ratio:  Min 2 / Max 6 (w/2nd guide)

Itinerary:   8:00 am - 4:30 pm     



Coarse Goal:



**Must be an experienced indoor / outdoor climber who can comfortably climb 5.8 - 5.9, has basic lead-climbing skills & can build solid top-rope anchors.

At the end of the course participants will have the skills to safely lead single-pitch rock climbs on their own & be a strong partner cleaning multi-pitch routes.  

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Intro to traditional lead climbing

- Hazard management at the crag or multi-pitch face.

- Warm-up trad climbing & movement skills.

- Gear placement, evaluation and removal.

- Lead climbing strategy, forces, falling and belaying.

- Multi-directional anchor construction.

- Lead climbing theory: forces, strategy, falling & belaying.

- Practice leads until comfortable with lead-climbing 

- Real leads - with guide evaluation of gear.

- Day 2: Developing lead techniques

- Additional lead-climbing to practice and build confidence.

- More work on lead climbing strategy, learning to fall (it can be fun!), managing anxiety / stress, and how to handle tricky situations (i.e. learning the beautiful skill of "french-freeing").

- Top belaying, multi-pitch climbing, and repelling.

- Rappelling, cleaning anchors, and simple rescue / problem solving.

- Escaping a belay.

Optional - Add a 3rd Day for multi-pitch climbing

- Consider extending your climbing course by adding a 3rd day for integrating the skills learned into a multi-pitch climbing adventure.  


Prices start at $500 / day for 1 pax OR 285 per person for 2.  Max 2 people.

As long as health orders limit travel, only custom courses are available.  

1:1 $1000 for the 2-day course
2:1 $570 for the 2-day course
3:1 $450 for the 2-day course
4:1 $380 or the 2-day course
5:1 $340 or the 2-day course
6:1 $340 or the 2-day course