Intro to Rock Climbing
Instructional Climbing Course

Revelstoke / Skaha / Squamish

2 - Days

This is the perfect course for anyone wanting to get into the exhilarating sport of rock climbing.  Perhaps you've climbed a few times at a climbing gym, or gone  bouldering or top-roping with friends.  But now you are ready to learn solid and safe foundational climbing skills. so you can be a competent partner to more experienced climbers.  

We will mix the fun of climbing movement with learning the foundational skills you need to become an independent top-rope climber.  

Rates & Details:

Ratio:                     Min 2 / Max 6

Itinerary:              8:30am - 4:30pm




Coarse Goal:


**Must be an experienced indoor / outdoor climber who can comfortably climb 5.8 - 5.9, has basic lead-climbing skills & can build solid top-rope anchors.

At the end of the course participants will have the skills to safely lead single-pitch rock climbs on their own & be a strong partner cleaning multi-pitch routes.  

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: Intro to traditional lead climbing

- Hazard management at the crag or multi-pitch face.

- Warm-up trad climbing & movement skills.

- Gear placement, evaluation and removal.

- Lead climbing strategy, forces, falling and belaying.

- Multi-directional anchor construction.

- Lead climbing theory: forces, strategy, falling & belaying.

- Practice leads until comfortable with lead-climbing 

- Real leads - with guide evaluation of gear.

- Day 2: Developing lead techniques

- Additional lead-climbing to practice and build confidence.

- More work on lead climbing strategy, learning to fall (it can be fun!), managing anxiety / stress, and how to handle tricky situations (i.e. learning the beautiful skill of "french-freeing").

- Top belaying, multi-pitch climbing, and repelling.

- Rappelling, cleaning anchors, and simple rescue / problem solving.

- Escaping a belay.

Optional - Add a 3rd Day for multi-pitch climbing

- Consider extending your climbing course by adding a 3rd day for integrating the skills learned into a multi-pitch climbing adventure.  


Prices start at $500 / day for 1 pax OR 285 per person for 2.  Max 2 people.

As long as health orders limit travel, only custom courses are available.  

1:1 $1000 for the 2-day course
2:1 $570 for the 2-day course
3:1 $450 for the 2-day course
4:1 $380 or the 2-day course
5:1 $340 or the 2-day course
6:1 $340 or the 2-day course