July 2015,



Not only Mount blanc, Chamonix is surround by stuning mountais.

Classic long adventure, multy pich rock climbing route, new sport climbing multy pitch spot and much more.

Whatever is what are you looking for we are quite sure you can find it in chamonix.



Swiss Alps,


Swiss Alps


Matheron and more,

Selkirks, Purcell, Coast Range, Vahalla, soo different so beautyful..... 



 Ski traverse    April 2015,

Swiss, Italy, France


A multy day ski trip a cross the Alps, west to east, starting in chamonix and ending in Sas Fee 10 days later.

This hut to hut trip combine the beuty of the traverse with stunning descente always in the confort of nice hut or small hotel.

Enjoying france croissant, italian coffe and swiss chocolate why skiing beatyful mountains. Forget huge back pack, no sleeping bag, no tent, no burner. So perfect for skiing.




Norway on Skis




Ocean, Mountains, Snow all in one.

When the day are long and the sun shine the coast of Norway became a ski touring paradise. With his innumerable fjord to explore and ski, always looking at the ocean. Ski touring became a pure pleasure.

By boat or by land this new adventure will 

change your way to consider spring skiing.

Sept 2015,



Alta via delle dolomiti, via Ferrata, classic multy pitch, Sport climbing, Hiking, Wine, food and much more.

Short access, many huts, even more faces and mountains  to climb, so many via Ferrata that is hard to count, fantastic trail for hiking, stunning multy days hiking in the heart of the dolomites.

This are just some of the possibilites that the Dolomites can offer, please do not forget that we are in italy where the food taste better, the coffe' is the best and the Wine is way better than in France.



Arco, Garda lake




With is Typical micro climate is the perfect place forclimbing almost year around, never to warm in the summer never to cold in the winter.

Arco is the perfect place for great vacation, unlimited climbing area, a great lake where go to swimm after a busy day on the rock or where to try some of the water sport that make the lake famous.

Days are long and distance are short, so in a day is possible to do more than one thing. For the lover of the bike is a Paradise too.

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