Rest of the world
Jan 2015,



Japan where the snow is deep, sushi and sake taste great and it is easy to get lost.

We love japan and we have been there quite a lot, that would mean something.

A truly deep immersion in a new coulture with your skis on your feet.



Ski traverse,


British Columba


With one of the biggest mountain range in the world the idea to explore it little bit more beeply is totaly legittimate. The opportumity are almost unlimited: Selkirks, Purcell, Coast Range, Vahalla, soo different so beautyful..... 



Oct 2015,



Yes skiing in Antartica, it is not just possible but also a fantastic adventure.

Off course you have to be ready for some wind but 


ente always in the confort of nice hut or small hotel.

Enjoying france croissant, italian coffe and swiss chocolate why skiing beatyful mountains. Forget huge back pack, no sleeping bag, no tent, no burner. So perfect for skiing.




Norway on Skis




Ocean, Mountains, Snow all in one.

When the day are long and the sun shine the coast of Norway became a ski touring paradise. With his innumerable fjord to explore and ski, always looking at the ocean. Ski touring became a pure pleasure.

By boat or by land this new adventure will 

change your way to consider spring skiing.

New Zeland
Aug 2015,

New Zeland


The souther island offer one of the most spectacular landscape in the world.

A land of contrast, where man looks like a new visitor, where the nature is still the mean protagonist.

This ski trip will take us to explore their incredible mountains with is glaciers that almost kiss the ocean.




Arco, Garda lake




With is Typical micro climate is the perfect place forclimbing almost year around, never to warm in the summer never to cold in the winter.

Arco is the perfect place for great vacation, unlimited climbing area, a great lake where go to swimm after a busy day on the rock or where to try some of the water sport that make the lake famous.

Days are long and distance are short, so in a day is possible to do more than one thing. For the lover of the bike is a Paradise too.

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