My first Marathon

I have never been a runner. Nor have I have ever wanted to be a runner.

It has never even crossed my mind that one day I might actually imagine to consider the idea to run a marathon. But we all know that life sometimes takes unusual paths. Indeed, this seems to happen more often with me.

January 1st, 2015 my long time ski partner Phil is back home to Revelstoke after one missed winter. He has a lot of skiing - or riding in his situation - to catch up on. One month might seem like a lot of time. However, it is not a lot of time when you live in a place like Revelstoke were the opportunity to wander around stunning mountains covered in snow is more or less limitless.

The conditions this year were not the best according to most locals. Listening to conversations around town … the snow was never deep or soft enough. But when you ask a Venetian skier and a Montreal snowboarder how we found the winter - conditions were just perfect.

We are an old school couple. We have no Go Pro, no camera, no video, no fancy 3d maps and certainly no smart phones. Instead we go into the mountains with just an old school paper map, a good compass (often forgotten at home), an altimeter and admittedly a super fancy Sunto watch with Gps (that neither one of us has an idea how to use). Most beloved of all, we have a fantastic Pontiac Sunfire with only one old Elvis tape to listen on the drive to Roger Pass. We do not need anything more that this.

Days passed fast and before long we got into a simple but rewarding routine: wake up, eat, climb, ski, eat, climb, ski, eat, climb, ski, eat, sleep repeat.

I know this equation as been abused a lot, especially in the world of ski lodges, but our routine is different. It’ s something natural that comes from our passion for skiing and spending time outside in the white world.

In the morning we lookd at each other as we look trought the window: “ What do you think day off today?” “ Mmmm let’s wait for tomorrow” As we all know tomorrow never came.

** This bit doesn’t quite work? Is this what you are trying to say?**

In the morning we looked at each other as though we were looking through the window: “ What do you think day of today?” Always our answer to each other was “Its a perfect day to go on an adventure“ Never once did we say “Mmmm let’s wait for tomorrow” for as we all know tomorrow may never come.

Now it is February and sadly, it is time for Phil to migrate back east. So one night, with tired legs and a happy heart we sit with a good bottle of wine at the table. We grab the piece of paper that we have used as journal and we do some math. Because we are old school, it’s all still done with a pen. Here are the numbers we came up with.

We skied: 26 days out of 30

Bad days: 0

Epic days: 26

Then it was time to add up how much we climbed. The magical number appeared to be 42,000 meters, which is the distance of a marathon. I did my first marathon without knowing it!

Over a glass of wine and the pen and paper, we looked at each other with a half smile of compiacimento, or complacency (this does not translate well). We know we are not athletes. Real athletes would have been able to climb this in less than 10 days. But we do not care, because we know and we can be sure of this: few people had as much fun in the last past month as we did. Even more important we do not have to prove it to anyone.

With money and time it is easy to find incredible places to go skiing. Too many tales discuss which ski to buy or which line is the best to ski. But I know one truth. It very difficult to find a good buddy to share a ski Marathon.

Good job “bocia” and lets toast to the next ski Marathon.


I would like to thank all the sponsor that made this happen:

Thank’s to all of them

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