The Venetian in panic at the thought his ski season might end ... aka dreams of Bella Coola

It was the middle of March and I was in a beautiful lodge in the heart of the Selkirk range skiing great lines with good friends when I realized that it was spring. This is not an easy concept for your brain to accept when you are surround by white snow and you still are required to wear a big puffy jacket as you eat a kit kat before skiing.

The other concept even more difficult to accept is that soon my winter break was going to be over and it would be time to go back to drink wine and ride the bike. Now dear reader, you must understand that for me this means going back to work.

A normal person might feel happy and thank full after 5 months spent wandering around B.C. skiing as much as he possibly could. But, I am not a normal person exactly. Instead I was attacked by a sense of panic, fearing that once again I might have wasted time this winter and still left some lines un-skied.

I tried to stay calm, to be focussed and look back on this season that is rapidly nearing its end.

December: those ski days are too far away, the days are confused I can only remember soft powder, cold, short days, great tree skiing, more snow and being oh so tired as a result of not being in shape.

January: 26 of 30 days of ski touring with Phil no need to through this again. It was my delightful first marathon.

February: Yes it is true … there was some rain here and there that sent even the most optimistic to the hotsprings. But there was also periods of very stable conditions, one week at Selkirk Lodge - which I don’t need to say how amazing it was, and one day of heliskiing with Selkirk Tangiers. Thanks Cece and Eriks! In sum, there was some big mountain and some great adventures with friends.

March: Early spring brought longer days which meant longer tours exploring new areas thanks to stable conditions. Oh - and I was lucky enough to have another week at Selkirk lodge were I was thinking of this.

So it is all good, I tried to remind myself. You’ve had a great sesason. And thought it is coming to an end. It is ok. Next year will be even better. Be positive Giacomino be positive, that was my mantra.

How many days did you tour: 90 of 120

How many days did you ski at the resort: who cares they do not count

How often did you ski fresh snow in this 90 days: 90 days

How often did you ski first: almost always

How many time your ski skied on top of somebody else track: 2 times

I’m trying to be positive is the final day at the lodge we are fly home. It’s always hard to leave a place like that.

Ciao Selkirk lodge see you next year….

2 hours later. We just got home, Cece is exhausted as this was her last week of ski work for the season and she is running to the bed. Good night.

Now I’m in charge to put together some food and to organize the next two week of vacation together: “ I would like to go to a sunny place may be close to the water were to relax, a nice romantic cabin may be” were some of her last words before she slipped into a nearly day long nap.

And in that moment, by mistake I looked to B.C. coast range and I found the perfect place for our next holiday just as she requested:

Close to the water: Yes

Relaxing: Yes…. No phone service, no internet, no tv and no radio

Quite: Oh Yes … not a single soul

Cabin: Yes… there is one… well, kind.

Warm and sunny: well, this is was quite a lie…..

That’ s how by ‘mistake’ we end up loading the truck and driving north for a fantastic week on the coast.

For another week of SKIIING!!!! My Winter is not over yet. Hurrah!

Bella Coola here we come……

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