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Alpine Climbing

Climb and Journey into the mountains of the world. Push your limits, Challenge what you think you can do,  Stoak your inner fire.  


Learn to climb amidst the giants of Alaska, test your limits on classic rock faces high above glaciers in the Bugaboos, scale classic peaks in the Alps or venture into the remotest corners of the planet.  We can help you get there.  

Lake Ohara - Canadian Rockies
Alaska Alpinism
Alaska Alpinism
Alaska Alpinism
Alps Alpinism
Alpine Rock Climbing
Coast Mountain Magic
Cascades Alpine Glow
Bugaboos Alpine 
July & August, 2021


 The Bugaboo Mountains hold a dream for every alpinist.  From classic rock climbs high amidst stunning glaciers to epic journeys up steep granite faces to traverses of peaks.  Stage your journey from the Conrad Kain hut and climb amidst the legends.  


Alaska Alpine Climbs
Spring 2022

Dream of climbing in the Alaska Range?  Custom climbing and training programs can be developed to climb in the Kahiltna and Ruth Gorge of the Alaska Range, the remote peaks of the Chugach or great monoliths like Mount Fairweather or Saint Elias.  Additional permitting regulations are required in the US - so advance planning is essential.


Glacier Travel & Rescue Course
Custom Dates: June - Sept


This 2 day course is designed to get you comfortable with glacier travel, route finding in simple to challenging glaciated terrain and foundational rescue skills. While a summer course, this course is also a great skill builder for winter enthusiasts.


Intro to Alpine Climbing
Custom Dates: June - Sept

This intensive rock and alpine climbing 5 day course is designed to get you comfortable with all aspects of mountaineering and foundation alpine climbing.  We'll start with rock climbing, then build on these skills with snow and glacier skills.  All these skills will come together with 1-2 alpine climbs in the Roger's Pass Selkirk Mountains.

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