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Fundamentals of Rock Climbing

Revelstoke, Penticton (Skaha), Squamish & Desert SW.

Level: Beginner                                               2-Day Instructional Climbing Course

During our two days together we will introduce you to the fundamentals of climbing.  From risk management at the crag, to understanding the equipment we will be using and its strengths, to how to belay and set up anchor systems.  We will also have a lot of fun climbing and developing climbing techniques.  

This is the perfect course for anyone wanting to get into the exhilarating sport of rock climbing.  Perhaps you've climbed a few times at a climbing gym, or gone bouldering or top-roping with friends once or twice.  But now you are ready to learn solid and safe foundational climbing skills. so you can be a competent partner to more experienced climbers.  Never climbed?  This is where you belong, too. 

Rates & Details:

Ratio:  Min 2 / Max 6 (w/ 2nd guide)

Itinerary:  8:30am - 4:30pm


Coarse Goal:



**No Previous Climbing experience is required.  You should be reasonably fit and able to hike 3 km, however rock climbing takes far less strength than people think!

At the end of the course participants will have the skills to be a safe team member in a climbing day.  They will know how to set up and evaluate a top-rope anchor, how to belay & have a host of climbing skills.

Sample Itinerary & Skills Covered

Day 1: Intro to rock climbing

- Hazard Assessment at the crag. 

- Basic bouldering and un-roped climbing movement.

- Review of climbing fundamentals: gear strength & proper use of all gear,

- Introduction to the top-rope belaying system with emphasis on safe, efficient belaying. 

- Climbing practice and skill development. 

- Guide Books and route strategy for safe successful lead climbing.

- Day 2: Developing lead techniques

- Anchor construction and cleaning.

- Rappelling and methods to protect oneself.

- More work on rock climbing strategy, reading a route, managing anxiety / stress, and how to handle tricky situations .

- Top belaying, multi-pitch climbing, and repelling.

- Simple rescue / problem solving: Escaping a belay.

Optional - Add a 3rd Day for multi-pitch climbing

- Consider extending your climbing course by adding a 3rd day for integrating the skills learned into a multi-pitch climbing adventure.  Prices start at $500 / day for 1 pax OR $285 per person for 2.  Max 2 people.

As long as health orders limit travel, only custom courses are available.  

1:1 $1000 for the 2-day course
2:1 $570 for the 2-day course
3:1 $450 for the 2-day course
4:1 $380 or the 2-day course
5:1 $340 or the 2-day course
6:1 $340 or the 2-day course
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