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What we do!

Exploring snow covered peaks by skis provides endless inspiration and delight.  Be it ski-touring, heli-skiing or ski-mountaineering, we have an adventure that is perfect for the season and your dreams.  


 We will help you to improve your technique as we seek out the best snow conditions and most aesthetic lines.  As ever - we always remember the reason why we ski: because we love the big smiles at the end of a nice powder day.


Join us for a trip of a lifetime - exploring the epic snow of Japan in Hakuba and Hokaido.  Seek out tree skiing in the Selkirk mountains of Canada.  Heli-ski or heli-assisted ski tour in the mountains around Revelstoke.  


Whatever your snow based ski dream - we can make it a reality.

Climbing rock in the mountains brings us to the pinnacle of aesthetic beauty and physical prowess.  It is where mastery of the mind is as important as mastery of the body.  


Many philosophers & writers have long asked the same question: why do we climb?


Perhaps for you it is for the personal challenge, or the metaphor of growth. Perhaps it is to discover the perfect crack or stunning line.  Perhaps it is to share a fabulous day in the mountains with friends.  


Let's share our opinion during the next climb ... it does not matter how big or difficult the objective ... climbing endlessly provides the opportunity to create an adventure or personal growth.

Venturing into the mountains demands preparation, fitness, focus and a diverse suite of mountain skills.  This is where it all comes together.  


 We love it because not only are there stunning vistas with snow, rock and ice obstacles that inspire and delight.  But this is where relationships are forged and where we can find a deep sense of accomplishment from 'exploring those places yonder'.  


Join us on a training course packed with skills and summit bids to tie it all together.  


Climb into the iconic mountain of the European Alps, the Bugaboos or Alaska to attempt that climb that has captured your imagination for years.



Science Support, Mountain based logistics and Science education are core parts of what we do. From the most remote corners of Antarctica to active Volcanoes in the Cascades - we can support your project.  


Cecelia has worked as the lead field mountaineer for the US Antarctica Program and has supported projects such as ANDRILL, WAIS, AGO and many others.  Projects have included marine biology on sea ice,  glacier mass balance in the Dry Valleys, GPR surveys of glaciers in N. Canada and Antarctica, remote support for astrophysics projects and rappelling cliff faces to look for fossil records.


In addition to her IFMGA Mountain Guiding skills, Cecelia has a Ma in Geography and has worked in a variety of physical and bureaucratic environments.   Girls on Ice is always a highlight of the year.  

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