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Mountain Skills for Backcountry Skiers / Riders

Ladies - Glacier Travel Skills Course for backcountry skiers and riders
Custom Dates - $275 Cdn  (minimum 4)


This three day course is for strong female riders who want to learn how and when to rope up on glaciers, rappel into steeps, do simple and more advanced crevasse rescue.  A key part of this course is terrain assessment and developing the fine art of using the right tool, at the right time, in the right way.  


Day 1: Evening Session: Will cover glaciology, key issues with glacier travel as a backcountry rider, case study review, an intro to rescue and rope work


Day 2: Field Day will be spent at Wheeler Bridge with hands on crevasse Rescue and more technical rope work.  


Day 3: Field travel day where we travel to the toe of the Illecellewit to practice some rope skills in the field.  Travel early season on glaciers is particularly tricky - which will give us a chance to hone in our rope skills.  Topics to cover include assessing snow depth and glacier travel risk management, roping up (how and when?), simple belays and simply rappels.



Intro to Back-country Skiing / Riding
Custom Dates 

This fun-filled weekend course will help you develop a strong foundation in back-country skiing/riding.  Day 1 will start with a short avalanche safety refresher after we take the lifts high into the mountains. From there we will enjoy lift access back-country powder stashes and learn the basics of back-country travel.  Day 2 takes us deeper into the back-country where we will tackle a bigger and more complex itinerary - while always focussing on skills and finding great snow.



Intro to Ski-Mountaineering
Custom Dates  $ 600 Cdn for 3 day & $800 Cdn for 4 day course  (min 4)  

To know how to move safely in the winter mountains is mandatory. This is the reason for this courses: Learn from a pro that has spent a lot of time outside in the field how to move safely, make the right decisions,  plan, navigate and most importantly, how to use terrain and snow stability evaluation to keep yourself safe.  


In our courses we are focussed on all the aspect to learn how to plan and execute a safe, fun day in the mountains.   We will also attempt some classic mountain objectives to tie together all the skills learned so far and to do what we love: Ski back down!

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