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Ski Touring Canada

Ski Tour Rogers Pass

Limited Custom Dates Available 

Cost depends on Guide / Guest ratios


 1:1 $500 each             / 1:2 $285 per person 

1:3 $225 per person / 1:4 $190 per person + tax


Hard to imagine a better place to enjoy a great day in the mountains.  Ski powder in the trees during storm cycles and enjoy stunning alpine traverses and bowls when the weather clears.  Rogers Pass is world famous for its valley and peaks.  Let us show you our favorite places.   


Heli-assisted Ski Touring
Limited Dates Available Winter & Spring 2018 
$ Contact for quotes depending on flight time.
 Estimate between $550-800 per person.


Tired of working so hard to reach good skiing?  Let a helicopter deliver us to the goods.  We'll work with local operators to fly us into the heart of the Selkirks and enjoy a fabulous ski run to warm up the legs.  The options are endless but all days will be designed to find the best snow conditions and most aesthetic day.  At the end of the day, we'll cordinate a helicopter flight home from the bottom our last run.  


This can be a great option for first back-country skiers wanting an intro to ski-touring.  We'll fly to the zone of optimal skiing where the helicopter will drop us off at the top of a run.  After a long ski run, we'll put skins on our touring skis and hike up to the top of a new line.  Strip skins & Ski.  Repeat.  At the end of the day we'll coordianate a pick up by helicopter to take us back to town. Not to be missed. 


Its also a great option for experienced tourers who want to access bigger objectives and fabulous skiing in Alpine terrain.  Tired of a 700m climb to just get to the good skiing?  Use that time and energy to do what you love: Ski great powder all day!

Wapta Ski Traverse
Dates Available Spring 2022


Custom trips from 4-6 days exploring the fabulous Wapta Icefields.  We will stay in a series of huts - keeping our packs light.  Peaks can be climbed, great lines skied and good times had by all.   


Northern BC or Alaska Fly-in Ski Camp
Custom Dates

Join us as we explore remote mountains using a plane or heli to get us to our base camp. 


Consider Nirvana Pass - one of the most majestic pieces of the Coast Mountains.  Located NE of Mt Waddington, Nirvana pass is a vitual playground for ski/boar touring on the planet.  We'll fly in by helicopter and set up a base camp.

Or we can charter a Twin Otter to fly us to a remote glacier of the Alaska Range where we ski tour peaks and savor limitless options.

Heli-Skiing Packages
Dates Available Winter 2021/22

Dream of Heli-skiing?  Join Cecelia at Selkirk Tangiers Heli-Skiing for a day or a week.  STHS terrain constitutes the heart of the Selkirk Mountains and is home to wold class tree skiing, epic steep faces when stability allows and a great selection of fabulous supported runs we can ski in most conditions.  

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