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Ski Touring

Join us day skiing in the mountains of our backyard, learn more about avalanche safety or glacier travel, fly into a remote range in Canada or Alaska or venture on an unforgettable journey to the mountains of Japan or Chile.


Whatever your aspire to do ... we can make it happen.

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Custom Guiding 

Cost depends on Guide / Guest ratios

1:1 $500 each             / 1:2 $285 per person 

1:3 $225 per person / 1:4 $190 per person + tax


Let us help you create the ski holiday of your dreams.  Want a mix of lift accessed ski touring, on piste and back-country ski touring?  Want to get a helicopter to drop you off into the heart of the Selkirk Mountains for a day of skiing?  We can help make your dream a reality.   


Ski Tour Rogers Pass

Hard to imagine a better place to enjoy a great day in the mountains.  Ski powder in the trees during storm cycles and enjoy stunning alpine traverses and bowls when the weather clears.  


AST1 Avalanche Course
Custom Dates                       $275 (Min 4)

Want to learn the basics of safe winter travel?  This standardized 2-day + evening Avalanche Canada course is essential.  


AST2 Avalanche Course
Custom Dates

This intensive 4 day  course is an excellent next step for people who have already completed the AST 1 and who are passionate about learning to make better decisions about terrain, avalanche hazard, weather and assessing snow stability.

Intro to Back-country 
Dates TBD Winter 2021/22 

This fun-filled weekend course will help you develop a strong foundation in back-country skiing/riding.  


Intro to Ski-Mountaineering
Dates TBD Spring 2016
$ 600 for 3 day course and
$800 for 4 day course. 

 Learn from a pro that has spent a lot of time outside in the field how to move safely, make the right decisions,  plan, navigate and most importantly, how to use terrain and snow stability evaluation to keep yourself safe.  



Ski tour with a Helicopter Drop-off
Dpending on flight time.  Estimate between $550-800 per person.


Let a helicopter take us to the goods and then leave us for a day of peaceful ski touring.  We'll work with local operators to fly us into the heart of the Selkirks and enjoy a fabulous ski run to warm up the legs.  All days will be designed to find the best snow conditions and most aesthetic route touring up and skiing down all day. A helicopter flies us home from the bottom our last run.  Not to be missed. 

Remote Ski Camps
Dates Available Spring 2022
$ Contact for quotes depending on flight time, location and length of trip.


You love the idea of been dropped by an Helicopter in the heart of the mountains, set up your camp and then ski in every direction with just a day pack?  We share the same love.  The possibilities are limitless.  Some of our favorite locations include the Monarch Mountains near Bella Coola, the Panthron near Tatla Lake, Deep in the Selkriks closer to Revelstoke or possibly even the Alaska Range.  Spring provides longer days and more stable snow for tackling stunning mountain objectives.  

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