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Let yourself be enchanted and inspired with time spent exploring the most sublime corners of our planet - located right here in our beloved province. The Pandemic is providing a beautiful opportunity to explore the mountains and wild spaces close to home.  Let us help share some of our favourite destinations.  

We  offer a wide range of choices, from stunning day-hikes in one of the region's National Parks, family-paced adventures, Heli-hiking, Heli-pick-nicking or multi-day adventures.    


Hiking through wild flowers at Monica Meadows, in the Kootneys.

Explore some the world's most stunning vistas in our National Parks or near Revelstoke.  Choose between moderate sub-alpine classics or rigorous long hikes. 

Day - Hiking

Jordon River Lookout Trail: the perfect adventure for a family  with "mini-scramble" and a summit!

Easy Family  

Share with your little ones your love of nature.   Chose between easy family hikes in the valley bottom or in the sub-alpine.  

Crossing the hard ice of the North Athabasca Glacier after traversing Boundary Peak.  Icefields.

 Traverses & Scrambles

Tag a Summit! Do you love to scramble and hike to the summits of mountains or traverse ridgelines?  We have great options with a variety of approach choices from: high elevation roads / lifts / helicopter.  

A sub-alpine lake surrounded by Larch trees makes a fabulous spot for a magical Heli-Picknick.

Enjoy the view! Have you always dreamed of a pick-nick perched high in the mountains, surrounded by breath-taking scenery and not another soul?

Heli - Picknicking

Views of the rugged Selkirk Mountains with cascading glaciers.  Enjoy a view like this with ease!

Live large and see what these mountains truly have to offer. 


Experienced local pilots will drop us off and pick us up high in the mountains. 

Heli - Hiking

Descending a moraine next to the Illecillewaet Glacier, with climbing gear on packs.

Experience a GlacierWe can either hike into the alpine or take advantage of a helicopter.  Either way, you can safely experience a glacier right here in the Selkirks or Monashees. 

Glacier Walks

Young at heart and already in love with playing in the mountains!

Work with AMJ to develop a fun-filled adventure for your family:

  • Rock-climbing / Bouldering

  • Water sport: SUP or Canoe trips

  • Mountain-Biking

  • Hiking

Multi - Sport Adventures

A Canoe pulled ashore along the Revelstoke Lake as part of a 3-day paddling trip.

Perhaps you don't need to have a guide show you the way, but are still interested in some guidance and support with logistics? 

Trip Support

Trip Support

Stunning views reward those who hike the world famous trails of Capri, Italy.

International Hiking Adventures

Has all this time cooped up in the Pandemic got you dreaming of future hiking adventures internationally?  

  • Via Ferrata in the Dolomites 

  • Hut to Hut in the  Alps

  • Trekking in Nepal

  • Hike Picos de Europa in Spain

  • Trekking in Patagonia

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