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Alps Alpinsm

European Alps Alpinism 

July -Sept 

Not running trips in 2021 due to ongoing pandemic. 


In Chamonix or Zermatt the access to majestic alpine climbs is unparralleled.  Join us for a classic climb of Mont Blanc or a custom training itinerary.


Why climb in the Alps? For the mountains of course, but also for the style.  When we're in Europe, we can take advantage of comfy huts, a cable car and hence short approach, charming small villages and dazzling culture.  Oh, and need we mention how spectacular the climbing is?


Mount Blanc (4807m). 

Rising high above Chamonix, & the tallest mountain in Europe,  Mont Blanc has captured the soul of alpinists for a century and a half.  5 days allows us time to train and acclimatize before making our summit attempt from a hut high on the mountain.  The exposed snow summit ridge is an unforgettable walk to the roof of the alps.


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