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Climb and Sailing

Amalfi coast

climbing, sailing and good italian living

June 2016 



How do you fancy to spend a perfect day on the Amalif Coast of Italy?  Sailing, climbing, swimming, hiking, discovery, yoga, eating, drinking or fine nightlight.  On this Aspire Mountain Journey trip - you will get to chose among them all during this Italian adventure.


When you think of  the Amalfi coast, most people might not realize the delightful hiking, sailing and climbing adventures that are to be found in positano and capri. Thank’s to Our friends Cristiano and Tonino it is now a realty.   Their dream of the perfect way to live in Italy started more than 10 years ago.  Now they run a successful yoga and climbing retreat amidst an organic garden perched amongst cliffs and terraced olive treed benches high above the Amalfi Coast.  But this is their story, and one best enjoyed as the sun sets from their property, accessible only by foot, while enjoying some fine Italian beverage. 


This June, we will explore the fantastic Amalfi coast by sail boat.  Each day will provide an opportunity to enjoy some of the region’s fabulous rock climbing, to hike among the area’s famous Pathway of the Gods hiking trails or to swim at tranquil cliffside bays.  The region is delightful to explore - and what better way that from our boat?


No need to know anything about sailing our crew will take care of it, you’ ll only have to chose if to swim before or after your coffe in the moring, from where to jump during a deep water solo exploration, if you like sugar or not in your fresh lemonate juice.


This 7 days sailing dream will start from Salerno.  From there we will sail to Amalfi,  discover grottos and valleys with incredible water falls and enjoy some rock - climbing over looking the ocean.  After a few days of this tranquil pace, you will revel in getting lost in positano, pondering how Ulyses might have a felt a few centuries ago or dreaming of the next limestone cliff to climb.  The trip culminates on the lovely island of Capri - with her magical blue grottos, picturesque villages and walkways and secret climbing hideaways.  Soon you too will embrace why capri is so famous.


It dose not matter if climbing is your great passion or you just enjoy it sometimes, we will have plenty of opportunity for every one.  Who knows, perhaps you will discover your inner sailing passion. 


Do you know that the best coffe in the world is in Italy? And guess in wich part of the world the coffe is the best?


Price starting at  2480 Cad.

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