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Avalanche Safety Training

AST1 Avalanche Course - 
2021/22 Dates TBD
$275 Cdn (minimum 4)
Includes 1 evening and 2 full days with winter travel each day.


Want to learn the basics of safe winter travel?  This standardized 2-day + evening Avalanche Canada course is essential.  Using a wealth of experience and passion for mountain travel, we build on the core curriculum and apply these skills to the mountains of Rogers Pass.  Join an AST 1 or AST 2 Skills course and develop the ability to make more informed and safer decisions in the mountains.  

AST2 Avalanche Course
Dates Custom

Already head out into the backcountry but want to be more confident and safe in managing bigger terrain?  This intensive 4 day  course is an excellent next step for people who have already completed the AST 1 and who are passionate about learning to make better decisions about terrain, avalanche hazard, weather and assessing snow stability.

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