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Day Hiking
Guided Adventure

Revelstoke / National Parks / Coast / Rockies

Beginner - Intermediate options available

Let us share our favourite hikes with you.  We live in paradise, with world class hiking ar out doorstep.  We can custom tailer the hiking destination for you.  From easy strolls through alpine meadows, to classic tours in the national parks or off-trail high mountain adventures in the alpine.  

Ratio:  Min 1 / Max 6 

Itinerary:   8:00 am - 4:30 pm     




We can find the perfect hike for any group, regardless of ability.


Easy, moderate, challenging or very challenging options are available based on your experience, location and desires.  

As anyone who has visited Revelstoke knows, our mountains are large and impressive!  They rise from the Columbia River, culminating in glaciers and jagged alpine peaks.  Part of what makes hiking here so special are the multitude of options.  We have lower elevation ancient forest and waterfall hikes.  There are mid-elevation hikes we can use while we wait for the spring thaw to melt the snow in the alpine.  And in the peak of summer, a multitude of roads and a gondola provide options for easily accessing the sub-alpine and alpine.  

Easy: Chose from a variety of interpretive hikes or classic loops that showcase the ancient forests, waterfalls or alpine meadows.  Hikes from 1-3 km available, with minimal to 200m elevation gain.  Choose 1 hike for a 1/2 day adventure or we can plan a day visiting some of the region's gems with a lunch stop in town. 

Moderate:  Hike Avalanche Crest in Glacier National Park to the stunning overlook.  A short scramble for the adventurous rewards with even better views!


Challenging:  A series of peaks around Revelstoke provide for non-technical yet amazing hiking summits with views that will never be forgotten.    


Very challenging: Hike Mount Revelstoke or one of many more rigorous day-trips that require longer approaches, more vertical elevation gain and even some technical scrambling or rope-work.  The views from the ridges and summits will surely enhance the day's accomplishments.

Classic Hikes in and around Revelstoke:

As long as health orders limit travel, only custom courses are available.  

1:1 $1000 for the 2-day course
2:1 $570 for the 2-day course
3:1 $450 for the 2-day course
4:1 $380 or the 2-day course
5:1 $340 or the 2-day course
6:1 $340 or the 2-day course
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