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Climb and Sailing


climbing, sailing and a lot of more

June 2016 



Sailing around the island of Croatia has long been considered to be one of the best places on earth or water.  It is a land and culture built around the beautiful harmony of steep cliffs, perched villages, picturesque islands and brilliant blue bays.  The Islands are impossibly close and each village has a different characteristic. On this fabulous week holiday - we’ll find our own answer to this long-standing question: what exactly is the magical charm of the Croatian Coast?


Why Giacoino love’s to go there: It is because he feel sat home. Even if most Croatians are not happy to tell you, but few years a ago a small city surrounded by a lagoon was able to take under her control this part of the world for quite few centuries.  Thus Giacmonio is reminded of his homeland of Venice very time we see a lion with wings. 


Only recently this area has been discovered for climbing.  It has long been a famous destination for sailing and cruising.  So our trip will marry the best of these passions - and our boat will cruise around the archipelago finding perfect locations for rock climbing before jumping in the water.


You do not need to be a sailor or a climber to enjoy this adventure. You will find your receipt for happiness on the way.


We ll start our adventure in Split, after a charming walk in the old town is going to be dinner time and some fiestas.   The next day will meet our skipper and we’ll sail in the direction of brac…. After a refreshing swim is going to be climbing time.


Price starting at  2480 Cad.

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