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Nirvana Pass


fly in ski camp to NE Waddington range by Tatla Lake ....Sprig 2016

Dec 27, 2014 - Jan 5 2015 
 Extenstion in Hokaiddo until Jan 10, 2015


Bring in the new year in style!  Join us as we indulge of the famous powder in Japan's mountains.  We'll explore the steeper mountains around Hakuba before journeying north to Hokaido.  Every day will be an opportunity to enjoy Japanes culture - from fabulous food, trips to ancient temples to soaking in ancient hotsprings. 


27 Day 1: Arrive Japan and Meet your guides in Hakuba, Japan.  

28 Day 2: Lift accessed ski touring in Hakuba

29 Day 3: Backcountry ski touring

30 Day 4: Backcountry ski touring with visit to ancient onsen

31 Day 5: Backcountry ski touring & travel to Matsumoto for New Years!

1 Day 6: Ski tour, drive to Matsumoto to visit Ancient temple in 

2 Day 7: Lift accessed ski touring in Hokaiido

3 Day 8: Lift accessed ski touring in Hokaiido

4 Day 9: Lift accessed ski touring in Hokaiido

5 Day 10: Backcountry ski touring

6 Day 11: Return flight home from Hokaido or Tokyo


Note: pretrip / post trip assistence in Toyko and famous sites in Japan can be provided!

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