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Nov 20-26 Opening 'week' for Giacomino and Cece

For any passionate skier the first day of the season sometimes is motivated simply by the desire to go out into the mountains and have the skis to glide on the white snow. Even if the condition are far from good, the first day out is fabulous. But sometimes…..the dreams and expectation meet.

Our “opening day” lasted one week started with an early morning rally in the house, hunting for the missing pieces of equipment missing after a summer in Italy, Afghanistan and all places in-between. Oh - and we had just gotten home the night before. And - to our delight - the Selkirk Mountains were in her full winter majesty.

Almost a meter of snow in the last two days were a good sing of great skiing but meant a lot of work for trail-break trail team. Fortunately, we had Scotty Boy on board and he is a man who not only loves to ski …but can climb forever.

It did not look like November, everything was totally covered by a deep layer of soft powder. All of the trees looked ready for Christmas. And there were hardly another track in sight! All our favorite lines were untracked.

We soon realize that our passion to ski everything in sight was quite a bit too optimistic. Particularly since we had not taken into consideration our early season fitness and the knee deep breaking trail. But with the enthusiasm of a new great season and the help of some friends, everything was possible.

2 fabulous laps in the beautiful trees of Urses peak were our reward for the hard work and the long summer waiting. Face shots on the first day of skiing on Nov 20th not bad not bad.

After a good night of sleep we were ready for a new adventure at the pass. This day we found more great powder skiing and endless untracked powder. Oh - and Giacomo got to ski powder next to the wild blue ice tongue of the Illecelliwit glacier. That night - we got a fabulous invitation - and one which was impossible to say no to in spite of our exhaustion.

So, with the legs stiffer and stiffer and a few extra clothes our OPENING WEEK took us to Vahalala Mountain Lodge. VMT is an incredible lodge nested in the majestic Vallhallas.

These mountains are perfect for tree and mid-winter skiing. 2 1/2 hours drive south of Revelstok, a moonlight ferry and then an exciting but frigid snowmobile ride brought us to the magic that is VMT. Not only was this Giacomo’s first ever snowmobile ride - but only his second remote ski lodge. He was in heaven. As was Cece. What an early season treat! To ski at a fabulous ski lodge with great friends.

Evan, Bennie and Bella hosted us and shared their love for skiing. It is such a treat to wake up in the morning and to have the only ‘commute’ be across the front porch to the start of the skin track. The terrain at this lodge is meant to be skied. The powder conditions left us hooting and hollering. Clear days and not a breath of wind. We had to pinch ourselves on the summits as we ripped our skins to ski.

Our last night at the lodge we enjoyed Thanksgiving day after a day with more snow than usual - but a little less turkey was a quite nice way to celebrate.

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